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Convenience, efficiency and security are three key factors in running a successful business. Nantucket Bank has teamed up with Massachusetts-based Merchant Consulting Group (MCG) to offer businesses the latest in secure credit card processing at cost-effective pricing.

Is your business ready for EMV?

EMV is a new credit card technology that uses a chip instead of a magnetic strip and offers better security. As of October 15, 2015, all issuers and merchants using non-EMV compliant machines and choose to accept EMV-compliant cards are now held liable for any and all transactions found to be fraudulent. To learn more read our EMV FAQs or give one of our Business Bankers a call today.


Mobile and Tablet Credit Card Processing

Accept payments just about anywhere with Mobile Credit Card processing. Simply download the payment processing app on your phone, attach the card-swiping device to your phone and you’re ready to collect payments. This solution is ideal for companies that deliver goods, businesses that make sales at trade shows and even food carts.


Retail Credit Card Processing

Fewer people are carrying cash in their wallets these days which results in more businesses needing to accommodate debit and credit card payments. MCG offers a of variety point-of-sale machines with various features and price points. Together with MCG, we’ll help you select the payment processing machine that fits your needs and your budget. We’ll also come to your business, set-up the equipment and provide hands-on training.


Restaurant Credit Card Processing

Regardless of whether your restaurant has five tables or 50, many patrons expect to be able to pay with plastic. MCG offers various solutions including payment stations at convenient locations in your restaurant and wireless handheld terminals that allow servers to swipe cards without leaving the table.

For more information, stop by your nearest branch, call 508.228.0580 or contact one of our Business Bankers directly.



Q: What is EMV?

A: EMV is a new, more secure Credit Card technology that uses a chip instead of a magnetic stripe. An EMV Credit card is inserted into the credit card machine rather than swiped.


Q: When will I have to own an EMV credit card terminal or POS system?

A: Effective October 15th, 2015 if your business does not have the new EMV card readers you are now responsible for fraudulent transactions.


Q: Why do I keep getting sales calls saying that my terminal isn’t compliant and that I need to upgrade?

A: Some companies try to take advantage of the new technology and rules to create fear and hype to make additional sales. We recommend you avoid doing business with any company that uses fear tactics.


Q: How do I upgrade my card reader to accept the new cards?

A: Through our partnership with MCG, we currently offer multiple EMV solutions. We are happy to recommend the right credit card machine for your business. Call 508.228.0580 or contact a Business Banker directly.