Customer Q & A

Who is Rockland Trust?

Rockland Trust is a regional community bank that offers a full range of consumer, business, and investment products and services. With more than 85 branches serving eastern Massachusetts, Rockland Trust offers locations in Greater Boston communities, as well as Bristol County, the South Shore, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard.

Rockland Trust is a strong, well-capitalized bank that was recently recognized by Bank Director as the top performing bank in Massachusetts.  In addition to consumer banking and lending products, Rockland Trust is a leader in business and commercial banking. The Bank also has two sizeable charitable foundations dedicated to the well-being of their communities.

Like Blue Hills Bank, Rockland Trust has a 100+ year heritage and shares a deep commitment to the communities it serves.  Both organizations pride themselves on delivering the exceptional personal service of a community bank. Both organizations also believe that colleagues are critical to their success, which has contributed to them being respected employers with long-term loyal employees.  In fact, the Boston Globe has recognized Rockland Trust as one of the Best Places to Work nine years in a row and ranked the Bank in 2017 as the #1 financial services company to work for in its category.


What are some of the benefits of the merger to me?

As a customer, you will benefit from:

  • More banking locations with 85 branches stretching from the north and western suburbs of Boston, through the South Shore and South Coast regions, onto Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard;
  • Convenient banking with access to over 125 ATMs, 22 branches with Sunday hours, a Call Center that’s open seven days a week, telephone banking, and online live chat;
  • “Smart” ATMs that allow for bulk deposits with check images printed on receipts; State-of-the-art mobile banking services for consumers and businesses with fingerprint and face ID login;
  • Mobile wallet access with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay;
  • A wide range of investment management and trust services and products through Rockland Trust Investment Management Group, including investment management, retirement planning, financial planning, trust and estate planning, tax planning, and insurance strategies and solutions;
  • A robust suite of  Treasury Management products and services for businesses;
  • A business credit card that provides rewards, multiple layers of security, and other built-in benefits;
  • Larger commercial lending capacity, up to $75 million per qualified business client;
  • A wide range of affordable housing capabilities and expertise;
  • Merchant services that allow business customers to accept credit and debit cards in their stores and even on their web sites;
  • Foreign exchange services and 1031 exchanges, and
  • A customer centric experience due to Rockland’s size and scale, which allows them to compete with national and super regional banks.


When will the acquisition by Rockland Trust be completed?

The acquisition is subject to approval by banking regulators and shareholders of both Blue Hills Bank and Rockland Trust.  We anticipate that the acquisition will be complete in the first half of 2019.


Will any branches close?

Rockland Trust will be evaluating the combined branch network in the coming months to determine which, if any, branches or offices will be closed. Some branch closings are expected as we have some communities with branches in close proximity to each other.


Will my account numbers or debit card number change?

We will be working with Rockland to compare account numbers and determine if any account numbers will change.  Once the acquisition is approved, you will receive additional communication from Rockland about your accounts, account numbers, and when you can expect a new debit card.

What is the impact to Blue Hills Bank customers?

There is no immediate impact to your Blue Hills Bank accounts. As we begin our transition and start work on integrating the two organizations, Rockland Trust will communicate any changes in your accounts or your banking relationship. Every effort will be made to minimize changes to your products, rates, and fees as the two organizations’ products and systems are aligned. In the coming months you will receive additional communications from Rockland Trust about your accounts,
account numbers, safe deposit box, and when you can expect a new debit card.


When can I start using Rockland Trust branches?

You will have access to Rockland Trust branches when the transition is completed in June. Until then, you should continue to use Blue Hills Bank branches, checks, debit cards, online banking and bill pay, and make loan payments as you do today. However, to welcome you to Rockland Trust, you can now use any of Rockland Trust’s more than 125 ATMs surcharge-free in addition to Blue Hills Bank ATMs.


Does Rockland Trust offer the same deposit insurance as Blue Hills Bank?  

Rockland Trust is a strong, secure, and well-capitalized bank and a safe place for deposits.  All deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to $250,000. This coverage can be increased for larger deposits through titling of accounts. They also participate in the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS). These certificates of deposit (CDs) enable customers to insure their deposits up to $50 million.

Funds in a noninterest-bearing transaction account are insured up to the FDIC limit of $250,000. More information about this coverage, and the process of determining maximum coverage, may be obtained from branch staff or

Deposits at Blue Hills Bank are also insured by the FDIC up to at least $250,000. As a result, the transition will not affect deposit insurance coverage for many customers. If you have accounts at both Rockland Trust and Blue Hills Bank, under federal law you will continue to receive the same FDIC coverage as if your accounts were still at separate banks for six months after the transition. CDs will continue to receive separate FDIC insurance coverage until the first maturity date after the six-month period. After six months have passed, if your total account balances exceed $250,000, any excess may not be covered by FDIC insurance. Blue Hills Bank currently has additional deposit insurance coverage for amounts in excess of the amounts covered by FDIC insurance through the Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF). Blue Hills Bank’s excess deposit insurance available through DIF will end when Blue Hills Bank merges with Rockland Trust, an event which is targeted to occur on April 1, 2019, if anticipated regulatory approvals are received. Therefore, there may be changes to your deposit insurance coverage at the time of the transition if you have over $250,000 in your aggregate deposit accounts at Blue Hills Bank. If you have questions about FDIC insurance on your account(s) or CDARS, please visit your nearest Blue Hills Bank branch or call the Blue Hills Bank Contact Center at 800.361.6903


Is Rockland Trust a member of the SUMSM ATM program? 

Yes. Rockland Trust is a member of the SUM ATM program. The SUM ATM program provides customers with the option of using thousands of SUM ATMs surcharge-free. For a complete listing of SUM locations, visit


What will the name of the Bank be?  

The name of the combined bank will be Rockland Trust.


Will Nantucket Bank change its name?

Nantucket Bank will not change its name.   Rockland Trust currently has a significant franchise that covers Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard that will be an added convenience for Nantucket Bank customers.