Online Banking FAQs

Please use the Frequently Asked Questions below to help answer your online banking questions:


Security Questions

Question: Why am I being asked a security question? I never had to before.

Answer: The new online banking system is a brand new site, therefore you will need to re-register your computer or device. At first login, you will be presented with one of your security questions. You will need to answer the question and choose “register this computer” in order to avoid being asked a security question the next login.

If you aren’t able to answer the security question, you will need to call customer service during business hours at 508.228.0580.


Browser Issues

Question: I’m having trouble logging in. Is my browser supported?

Answer: The new personal online banking site supports the following browser versions:

  • Safari for iOS, version 7+
  • Safari, version 7.0+
  • Chrome (current version)
  • Internet Explorer, version 11
  • Firefox (current version)
  • MS Edge (current version)

Don’t know which browser or version you’re running? Go to: This site will determine which version you are using as well as a link to upgrade, if necessary.


Question: I logged in from Why is my online banking the same?

Answer: You probably need to clear your browser cache. If you don’t know which browser you’re using, go to:  Next, go here and follow the instructions for updating your browser.


Question: Why are their two blank fields in the login box?

Answer: You’re likely using Internet Explorer 9 or older. This older browser does not show the gray Access ID and Password labels within the login box fields. Please update your browser. If you need assistance, you can reference this site:


Bill Pay Access

Question: Why can’t I see Bill Pay in Online Banking?

Safari Users: If a your browser cookies were cleared, you may be presented with a “Cookies are blocked” message. Please reset the browser Privacy settings to “Always allow” cookies. Once Bill Pay is visible, you can choose to change the setting to “Allow from websites I visit.”

Other Browser Users: If you see a screen within Bill Pay that says you have an outdated browser, you can either continue using the same browser, but we recommend you update your browser for an optimal experience.


Old Bookmarks

Question: Why don’t I see anything new when I login?

Answer: You’ve likely bookmarked the old online banking login page. Please delete the bookmark and login from


Still need help? 

If you still have questions, please call customer service during business hours at 508.228.0580.